Surveys & monitoring

We have carried out surveys on an extraordinary range of fauna and flora in terrestrial, coastal and marine habitats throughout the UK and abroad. For some taxa we developed what has become the standard sampling technique (e.g. the hand trawl for spined loach) or an accepted valuable research tool (e.g. visual tracking of seabirds from a high-speed rigid-hulled inflatable boat).

The groups below represent our current specialisms, which have their own linked pages to provide further details of our work:

  • Seabirds
  • Marine Mammals
  • Birds
  • Fisheries

In addition, we have the in-house capability to undertake surveys on a number of other groups as diverse as marine invertebrates and small mammals. To offer a wider range of services on projects we manage we also collaborate regularly with other like-minded specialists such as AD Ecology Ltd for Phase 1 Habitat surveys, bat and botanical surveys and vegetation mapping, The Ecology Consultancy for bat surveys, Wild Frontier Ecology for amphibian surveys, PBA Ecology for crayfish and fisheries, Dave Leeming for freshwater invertebrate surveys and ENSIS at University College London in relation to freshwater habitats. The wide geographic spread of our network means we can offer competitive services without excessive travel costs and maintain lower overheads than a larger company offering equivalent expertise.


Over the past 10 years we have developed an outstanding reputation for surveying seabirds, especially in relation to wind farm impact assessment and monitoring. With over 670 surveys completed, we believe our experience in this field is unsurpassed.

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Marine Mammals

We have been surveying marine mammals for the past 10 years and employ qualified marine mammal observers. Work has ranged from standard visual surveys to analysis of seal haul-out counts from a bespoke aerial survey programme.

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Collectively, our team has thousands of hours experience of bird surveys in a range of terrestrial and coastal habitats. This includes common bird census, breeding bird surveys and vantage point surveys as well as more species-specific surveys.

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We have been undertaking fisheries surveys for 25 years using a wide range of techniques from electric fishing to seine nets, trawls and traps in lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. Recently, we have expanded our services into the marine environment.

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