Research & Conservation

We are committed to the principles of conservation of species and their supporting habitats in a holistic context, which has always been at the heart of all of our projects. In our experience, targeted applied research often holds the key to effective conservation management of species and habitats through the understanding of limiting factors and how these may be tackled.

We undertake a range of work for conservation organisations such as Natural England, the Broads Authority, the RSPB, and the JNCC on a variety of species, taxonomic groups and habitats. The list below represent our current specialisms, which have their own linked pages to provide further details of what we would consider to be defining case studies. Much of the work we do is published, so please visit our publications page for yet more information.


Fish were our first love and conservation of fish and their habitats still remains a focus of our work. Our investigations have been conducted at the scale of the community and the populations within it, down to the level of individual behaviour.

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We have conducted a number of projects that have furthered seabird conservation through increased knowledge of their foraging distribution at sea including the definition of important offshore foraging areas and the interactions with their prey.

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Rivers & Streams

The restoration of lakes lies at the heart of our philosophy and remains a key element of our work portfolio. Our unrivalled experience of biomanipulation has been utilised to great effect in the restoration of several Norfolk Broads.

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Lakes & Ponds

The restoration of lakes, especially shallow ones, is central to our philosophy. Our unrivalled experience, and hugely successful use, of biomanipulation in the restoration of several Norfolk Broads remains a key element of our work portfolio.

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Small Mammals

Understudied small mammals such as Harvest mouse and Water shrew have been the focus of our charitable research and supervision of high-quality student projects. Defining the effects of habitat management is of key interest to us.

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