Little tern paper submitted

  • Our latest paper on Little terns has been submitted to Biological Conservation. In the paper we compare several methods for defining marine extensions for SPA's using Little tern as a case study. The paper includes the results of the first radio telemetry study of its kind to be conducted on Little terns.

  • Dr Emilie Praca speaks at the European Cetacean Society Conference in Liege

  • Emilie presented the results of the marine mammal monitoring undertaken during the different phases of the Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm. Analysis showed decreasing abundance of Harbour porpoise and Harbour seal during periods of piling. By contrast Grey seal abundance increased year on year. All species were more abundant after construction compared to baseline and pre-construction periods. We are planning to publish the results of the study very soon.

  • Work commences on Wind Farms and Wildlife Handbook

  • Work is now currently underway to produce a two volume handbook on wind farms and wildlife. Onshore wind farms will be discussed in Volume 1 and Offshore wind farms in Volume 2. An encouraing number of experts have already signed up to contribute to what we anticipate will be a really exciting venture.

  • Dr Martin Perrow joins Riverdene's Network of Experts

  • Dr Martin Perrow has joined Riverdene Consultancy's network of experts. Riverdene brings together a network of professionals specialised in hydromorphology and associated disciplines, including ecology, biology, fisheries and geomorphology. You can find out more here

  • Links with University College London

  • Furthering ECON's links with University College London, Dr Martin Perrow recently lectured on the MSc courses in Aquatic Science and Conservation.

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